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  • Information note on Privacy

    In compliance with Article 13 of legislative decree 196/2003 – Code on the subject of protection of personal data

    This information note is provided – in compliance with Article 13 of legislative decree 196/2003, to the users that interact with the services offered by the present website, accessible starting from address Additional Information may be supplied inside the different sections and for the related subjects.

    1.1 Data voluntarily supplied by the user
    The requested information are used to allow access to the online services

  • offered by this website.
    Being registration compulsory to have access to such services, clients’ personal data – based on the selection of the service and provided further information, will be managed for the related purposes. In the case the selected services are processed by third parties, personal data will be disclosed to the single managers. These last will act as "responsible" of those data in connection with delivery of their services.

    1.2 Data for web navigation
    The computer systems and software procedures set for this website operation, normally acquire some personal data which transmission is generally implied in the use of the

  • Internet protocols of communication.
    They are information that are not linked to identified persons but that, for their own nature, would consent, through elaboration and association with data held by third parties, to identify the users.

    This data category include IP addresses or the dominion names of the computer used by the user who connects themselves to this website, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the application to the server, the dimension of the file received in answer, the numerical code for the status of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and

  • other parameters related to the operating system and to the user’s computer environment.

    These data are used with the sole purpose to draw anonymous statistics on the employ of the website and to check it is correctly operating, and are preserved for the time set by the Laws on the subject. These data could also be used for the assessment of liability in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the website.

    1.3. Cookies
    Cookies are not used for transmission of personal information, and no persistent cd cookies (systems for tracking users) of any kind are used. The use of session c.d. cookies (that are not persistently memorized on the

  • users’ computer and disappear when the browser is shut down) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (casual numbers produced by the server) that are necessary to allow a safe and efficient exploration of the website. The session c.d. cookies in this website avoid the use to other techniques prejudicial for users’ privacy and don't allow acquisition of personal data able to identify them.

    Sama s.r.l. it requires personal information within the limits of what is strictly necessary to deliver the services requested by the users; this excludes the cases when such purpose can be achieved through anonymous data or through modalities that only allow identification of the user in case of necessity.
    Specific purposes, related to the single sections, can be illustrated in detail within the various channels of access, where users can find integrative information about processing of their personal data.

    Personal information are handled rigorously for the time necessary to attain the purpose for which they are collected.

    The user is free to provide his personal data requested in the application forms of the services offered in the portal. However, non-consent to processing of compulsory personal information causes impossibility to deliver the services to him.

    Responsibility for personal data processing is Sama s.r.l.

  • address in Via Marcello, 77 - 84085 Mercato San Severino (SA) - e-mail


    The data subjects have the right to request at any time confirmation of their personal information and know their content, to verify their accuracy, request integration or correction, or modification (art. 7 of law decree 30 June 2003 n. 196).
    Based on the same article they have the right to request cancellation, conversion into anonymous form or deny access to their personal data when they are processed in violation of law or for their other legitimate reasons.
    Requests must be sent to the address

  • of the responsible of data processing.

    The present document outlines the "Privacy Policy" of this website.