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SAMA provides support to the enterprises interested to have import/export commercial exchanges with China.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the Chinese social-economic structure matured during years, SAMA is able to offer consulting services both to small and medium companies, and to the large industries that decide to displace their business.

To the enterprises that already work in China, SAMA can supply - through a tested network of partners, precious support in the phases of negotiation,

production and quality control.

The knowledge of suppliers and their habits, the expert ability to coordinate them locally, and primarily the possibility to speak their language fluently, are conditions necessary to guarantee that the services required by the Client have positive results.

The competitive advantage offered by SAMA’s personnel and collaborators, all of them with significant professional experiences in China, is a good knowledge of Chinese language and culture, indispensable means to grant correct communication and understanding among the parties, which is the necessary basis to set up lasting and profitable business relationships.

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